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Cobia Fishing Charters

Cobia Fishing Charters Chesapeake Bay VirginiaCOBIA (Rachycentron Canadum) AKA: Lemonfish, Crabeater

Catching a Cobia offers the thrill and excitement of offshore fishing right in our own backyard. These stealthy scavengers start moving into the Bay in late spring following temperate water conditions up the coast. The Cobia bite is at it’s best in June & July but these fish can be caught almost anywhere in the Chesapeake Bay until late September. Once you’ve hooked into a strong fighting Cobia, prepare yourself for lengthy runs, quick turns, and an occasional leap out of the water as your reeling it in.

Our primary techniques for catching Cobia are chumming on the bottom with live bait  such as spot or eel and sight casting for them into schools of bait on the surface and around the buoys. There’s an extra level of excitement when you can see one of theses predators swimming near the top of the water and strike your bait while screaming the line off the reel !

All the rods & reels, lures, bait, ice and other gear will be provided on the boat but bring your own cooler if you want to take home what you catch.Bottled water is provided for everyone but you’ll want to bring your own food & other drinks if plan to eat during the trip. Adult beverages are ok too, but must be handled in an adult manor. Please remember to bring only plastic or can drinks, “NO GLASS BOTTLES”and “NO BANANAS” are allowed on the boat. As a safety precaution, it is at the Captains discretion to cancel and/or rescheduled any trip due to bad weather or any other unforeseen issue that may arise before or during a trip.

State Regulations for COBIA: (season June 1 through September 30)

Minimum Size: 40″ – Possession Limit: 1 per person or 3 per vessel / only one fish can be over 50″
– Capture Citation: 55 lbs
– Release Citation: 50″
– State Record is 109 lbs Caught by Joseph Berberich II in 2006

Check list of other things you might want to bring.

– Hat
– Sunblock
– Sunglasses
– Soft soled shoes
– Appropriate Clothing
– Medication if needed

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